About Us

Originating from a myriad of cultural backgrounds across the globe, our initiative is spearheaded by the Artis Known as Apha Aquarii, who is also the chief visionary of the Squirrel Away and Go Nuts NFT community, under the moniker of Main Squirrel. This Main Squirrel is responsible for the creation of all NFT artworks, websites, social medias, and serves as the strategic leader of the project. Main Squirrel’s expertise spans a broad spectrum, encompassing art and animation, video game development, printing, as well as technology and business management.

Our team is expanding gradually, with members joining from various international locales, in adherence to a strategy of cautious and fiscally responsible growth. Our core principles emphasize diligence, intelligence, and adaptability—qualities emblematic of a squirrel. We encourage you to visit our website to gain a deeper understanding of our collective identity and the values we uphold.